Safety Information

We are committed in our own strict service level in our trucking service with three “zero”.
Zero - Accident
- Breakdown
- Customer’s complaint

Therefore, safety is always our top priorities at all time in our trucking and transportation business. In line with our safety commitment, we assure the safety measures and equipment in place for our drivers and trucks, as well as refresher training for our drivers, namely:

For Our Drivers:

Complete PPE (Safety shoes, helmet, vest and goggles), safety handbook for each driver to aware their knowledge about safety.

For Our Trucks:
Fire Extinguisher, Reflector Triangle, Safety Tyre Stopper (4pcs), Safety Cones (5 pcs) and First Aid kit

For Our Cargoes:
Lashing Belt, Safety Chain, Wooden Stopper, Iron Holder, U Bolt and Chain Lock.

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